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Meet Eno

Speech Consultant, Trainer and Advocate 

Eno Georgette Inwek, also known as Africa's Ambassador of Possibility is an advocate for displaced women and is passionate about teaching others about the importance of public speaking and self expression.  As someone who once felt her voice was silenced when she found herself displaced after  her divorce and shunned by many in her community, it is important to her that we all learn the importance of speaking up.  She knows, firsthand, how many others use shame, hurt and fear to silence themselves. This is where her passion begins; to empower others to speak up to 

empower themselves and others.

Eno's new anti-bullying children's book, " I am Confident" is available now.  She is currently speaking at schools and events in Southern California to encourage young children self-advocacy and self-expression. 

Eno is an active member of the National Speakers Association and is an award winning story-teller with the Moth Storytelling Non-profit organization.  She is currently a TedX speech coach for TedX Crenshaw and TedXCompton. 

As a humorist, she animates her keynotes, workshops and break-out sessions in a manner that leaves her audiences engaged and empowered. 

Eno is the Founder and CEO of Lyrics of Hope, a people-empowerment & custom apparel company with the mission of empowering her clients with coaching, workshops and custom apparel. 

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